India tests nuclear-capable missile Agni-V off Odisha coast

Sumit Kumar Dwivedi
NEW DELHI: Days after the 20th anniversary of pokhran nuclear test. India’s first Inter Continental Ballastic Missile(ICBM) tested successfully today at 9:48 AM in Abdul Kalam island of odisa coast.
It’s an India’s first inter continental nuclear ballastic missile which is developed by Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), it’s strike range is more than 5,000 km,its 17 m long, 2 m wide and capable of nuclear warheads of 1 tonne,has undergone five tests before, in April’12, September’13, January’15, December’16 and January’18 and now it’s sixth successfull trial.

It will act as a deterrent against China , Beijing defence expert are concerning that it’s strike capacity more than 8,000 km which major concern for them.
It will eventually be inducted into the STRATEGIC FORCES COMMAND(SFC).
SFC which was established in 2003 is responsible for a myriad of services.
Agni’s induction into the SFC means India become one of those few countries who possess Inter Continental Ballastic Missiles.
It’s a matter of pride for Indians.

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